Monday, March 30, 2009

What was your baby doing at 5:30 this morning?

Because my baby was working on her fourth hour of a 5 and a half hour colic episode, so I put her in her bouncy seat next to the dryer (Thanks, Lesley, for the tip). It calmed her but did not put her to sleep. I hate colic. I can't stand to see my baby unsettled and screaming.
When she was born, the nurses commented on how good of a sleeper she was; always calm and peaceful even when surrounded by a chorus of screaming newborns.
We say she has colic because she is showing all of the signs: she balls up, clenches her fists and her "episodes" are during the night. It all started right after I stopped breast feeding (yup, that made me feel like a bad mom). After a few days we called the doctor and the nurse there suggested we switch her to a gentler formula. I am hoping that once her body gets used to the new formula she will sleep better at night. Say a prayer for us.

I know that everyone wants to know how Lola has been adjusting. Well, she has been beyond awesome! She is actually calmer now. She sniffs Carly, but won't lick her. She checks on her - peering over the side of the bed in to her bassinet. If you try to put Carly by her, she walks away because she is super cautious around her.
She also guard dogs her. Lola follows me everywhere. That is unless a "stranger" is holding Carly, in which case she stays right beside Carly after she has thoroughly sniffed the stranger and let them know that she is watching them.
Lola sleeps on the bed with us, so when I would nurse Carly in the bed in the middle of the night, I would have to adjust the pillows, etc. and sometimes that would displace Lola to another part of the bed. At first she was a little put out, but she is adjusting.
The other night when Carly was having a rough night, Lola actually went in to the kitchen and tried to sleep in her crate. After Carly fell asleep Freddy had to go in there and physically carry her back in to the bedroom. Yes, we could have let her sleep there but we don't want Lola to resent Carly so we are continuing to let her sleep with us in our bed.


SayrahB said...

it's so crazy how much different she looks after two weeks. i think i need to come hold her and squeeze on her again! too cute! and yes, i did just say that in that girly shrieking voice! yuck! look what babies are doing to me.

Christen and Justin said...

I had to switch to the gentle formula with all three of mine. It helped a lot but took a few days to kick in. She'll get there! And you will finally get some sleep...

Sara said...

Don't worry Cheryl, it will get easier. I think that's hilarious that you went and got Lola out of her crate. You dote on that dog... just like I know you will dote on your baby girl! She is so cute. I need to come by and see y'all sometime soon. I'll call ya!

MELANIE said...

Oh she's so cute Cheryl! I had 2 colic-y babies and it's rough but it will get better. (I also know that's hard to imagine while it's going on because everyone told me that too!) That's cute about Lola! My little min pin Roxie still gets between whoever is visiting and my kids.