Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'll try ANYTHING!

"I'll try anything". This has been my motto for the last couple of weeks.

I dreaded the pain that would come when I quit nursing Carly. My friends told me how painful it would be. So before I quit I researched ways to ease the pain. I tried everything. I wore a sports bra lined with cabbage leaves at all times. I drank the heck out of sage tea and I used frozen peas to reduce the swelling. By the end of the first night I popped my first hydrocodone since the hospital. The end result...one - ONLY ONE - very painful day followed by a day, maybe a day and a half of discomfort. I'll take that any day over the three to five days of unbearable pain my friends had been reporting.

And then there is the matter of Carly's colic. It is definitely less intense and sometimes (not always) rears it's ugly headafter her 7 pm feeding rather than around 1 am or so (knock on wood. knock, knock, knock). Here is what we have tried: a gentler formula (I think it helped), Gripe Water (not so much), Mylicon (Love this stuff), a special tea that he got from a co-worker(can't tell if it works because we always combined it with other "cures"), the colic massage pad (calms her, but doesn't put her to sleep), heat pack on her tummy (yeah, no...) and letting her cry it out (works sometimes, depending on how upset she is). We haven't tried giving her flat Coke yet. I just can't seem to justify feeding my one month old Coke even if it is just a little bit.

In other news...Last night was her first night in her crib. Freddy and I did very well with her first night out of our room. Well, Freddy did better than I did because he doesn't hear his monitor as well as I hear mine. Maybe I will have to turn his volume up. Also, my wedding band finally fits again after months of being too tight. I am hoping that my engagement ring fits again real soon.

And here are some new pictures of our sweet baby girl.

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