Thursday, April 16, 2009

This mommy has a lot to learn

Yesterday I decided that Carly was ready for a trip to one of the greatest places on earth - Hobby Lobby! So, I packed up her stroller and off we went. I went to put my purse in the basket underneath, but since I had the carrier in the stroller it was hard to get to. Oh, well. I just placed it on top of the stroller.
As I started to pick up spools of ribbon (for all of the bows I've been making, but more about that in another blog), I realized that shopping with a stroller would be a challenge. Then I picked up an art canvas (more about that in another blog, too) and the challenge got bigger.
And then, just as I was beginning to become discouraged, I saw her - the experienced shopper mom. She had her baby carrier in the stroller. Brilliant! Now nothing can stop me from shopping with my baby - except a dirty, stinky diaper which made it's way in to our shopping trip right around the picture frames.

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