Monday, April 27, 2009

My baby has mad skills

Today Carly and I met Haden and Lauren for lunch at La Madeline. Haden is just 10 days older than Carly. I loved seeing Lauren, meeting Haden and being able to talk about babies without feeling like I'm boring someone to death with stories of thrush and projectile vomitting through the mouth and nose. You know you're talking to a fellow mommy when words like breast engorgement, yeast infection (as in thrush - what babies get in their mouths) and colostrum are a part of the conversation.

After lunch Carly and I went home. I decided that Carly could be working on developing motor skills, so I strapped the wrist rattles around her ankles (they're still too big for her t-tiny wrists and the rattle socks are too big for her t-tiny feet).

She either really liked them or she just likes to kick her feet a lot. I choose to believe that my 6 and a half week old kicked her foot, heard the rattle and quickly figured out that kicking equals fun sound. What a smart baby I have! Is it too soon to have her intelligence tested?
And lastly, here are some pictures of Miss Smiley Pants. She knows mommy's voice and smiles when I talk to her.


jkbro80 said...

If we could fall in love thru pictures it's happened!! She is such a tiny, beautiful little girl. Can't wait to meet her some day.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Jim

*Kendra* said...

When can I meet her in person??? Love the pictures! She is precious!!!