Tuesday, August 11, 2009

modest baby..and mommy

We took Carly swimming again at my parents' house.
She must be a modest baby because she didn't like showing all of that skin in her bikini.

I think she gets it from her modest mommy who hid behind the floaty as much as she could and then cropped the picture to cut out her body.
FYI...She is still too small for that little floaty thing.
Maybe next year.
And she doesn't dig the morning water. It's too cold. She much prefers the later afternoon-evening water that has been heated by the sun. Can you blame her?


Sara said...

She's so cute! I need to see her again ASAP!!! Let's have an SMS dinner soon (w/ babies!) Maybe on a friday night after Peter's parents head back to Vietnam???

Aug28, Sept11, Sept12

Seriously... let's plan it! If we go early enough on a Friday (6-ish) we might beat the crowds!

Baja Grill is always good... or Chilis, or OTB... or wherever! Lets just go already!

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