Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ConGRADulations, Christy!

My youngest sister, Christy graduated from UTA on August 15th. We are so proud of her! Just two days after graduation, she started her new post-degree job. Isn't that awesome - especially in this economy?

I left my camera at my parent's house during the ceremony, so all of the cap and gown pics are on Cathy's camera and she hasn't emailed then to me yet (hint, hint).
After commencement, the party commenced!

Max is quite the stud muffin.

The later the evening the went on, the more beers that were downed and the crazier the guests became. Enter Shana.
All it took was the displaying of the Dixie Belle sign by my dad to inspire these drill team alums to break out the old routines. No drop-splits, of course. We wanted to avoid any major injuries.

And while his wife was making a fool of herself, Charlie snuck off to check on his favorite T-Tiny. BUSTED, Uncle Charlie!
Lola used the beer tubs as a water bowl. Whatever works, I guess.

Even as adults, we tend to revert to our middle school dance socialization - girls one one side, boys on the other.