Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommy: The Mullet Killer

While I was being prepped for my c-section I befriended the nurse, Ashley. I have mentioned her before - I LOVED HER! Anyway... I asked Ashley for a favor: When the baby comes out (we didn't know her name until we saw her), I just want to know that a.she's still a girl and b. that she has hair. Looking back, I probably should have asked for a thumbs-up on her overall health. Oops.

So as they pulled my sweet baby girl out of me, I heard Ashley call out, "It's still a girl. And she has lots of hair!" Phshew!

Everyone told me that babies lose their hair; that it thins out and falls out. And man did it! - except, that is, on the back of her neck. The hair back there held on, grew and stayed dark, dark, dark. Yes, Carly had a baby mullet.
At first friends and family told me not to cut it, so I left it alone. It grew while the hair everywhere else on her head thinned and then finally began coming back in a thick fuzz.
The mullet began to haunt me. I wasn't even 6 months in to this motherhood thing and already I was giving my daughter that hairstyle - you know, the one (or two or three) bad hairstyles that every little girl resents her mother for. Let's face it. It may be "party in the back", but who wants to go to a mullet party?!
So with the encouragement of some friends and family, I gained enough courage to cut the mullet. Yes, I did it myself. No, I didn't use hair-cutting scissors. It's not perfect, but the mullet is gone.

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