Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The case of the Papparazi Mother

Cheryl Clark, you are being charged with obsessive picture taking. How do you plead?
Guilty, your honors. Very Guilty.
When I take out the camera, I go to town with the picture-taking. I want to make sure that I come out of there with at least a few dozen good pictures, which means that I have take a few hundred.
Okay, maybe it's not that bad. But I have been told by my husband many times to "Put up the camera. You've taken enough pictures".
Exhibit A: Carly's half birthday cookies. It's a tradition that I totally jacked from Melanie and Katie. I just thought that it was such a sweet tradition!
I made Carly oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - one of my favorites and hers. Don't worry. I didn't actually let her eat any. I did let her lay on some of them, though.

Can you imagine if I had posted ALL of the pictures I had taken? Or even half?

Exhibit B: Carly looking all cute at Melissa's birthday dinner. Could you have resisted taking pictures of that sweet face? I don't think so.

Again...You got to see less than half of he pictures I actually took.
Is there therapy for obsessive picture taking?


MELANIE said...

The 1/2 birthday cookie tradition is a great one and she'll love it next year when she can have one!! I can't believe she's 6 months already!!! I also must plead guilty to the obsessive picture taking... :)

She did look quite cute in that brown and pink outfit at your friend's birthday dinner! :)

Courtney said...

It's not a disorder, it's called being a Mommy. Enjoy! And you're right...who could resist taking a picture of all that adorable goodness??!!

Katie said...

Yea for 1/2 birthdays. And, could Carly's eyelashes be ANY longer? I'm not kidding. Beautiful.

Trying this bloggin thing out said...

Cheryl...I enjoy your pictures so much, I'm glad you don't listen to Freddy!! he he!! Carly is such a beautiful little girl!! Thanks for sharing!!

Aunt Cathy said...

Who could resist taking pictures of such an adorable baby?! Can't wait to see her (in the morning, cause we probably won't make it before bedtime).

Carly- I promise to get up early to see you before your morning nap this time!

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