Sunday, October 18, 2009

What happens when you leave your camera unattended to take care of your child

When you leave your camera unattended (because let's face it, even though your husband is there it is still unattended) in a garage full of neighbors to tend to your sweet t-tiny baby as any good mother would, you get pictures like these:

See? This is why even though your husband is there, it doesn't matter.

I'll spare you the pics of the chick on the grill, the trash cans and the shelves of cleaning products and I'll only show the pics of the neighbors.


*Kendra* said...

Ahhh, husbands. There's not much to say after that!

Jodi said...

No Comment... but Sara did it.

Melissa Shaw said...

Yep... ALL Sara!! Jodi and I were NOT, I repeat, NOT involved!

Anonymous said...

I plead the 5th!!! All I can say is that I was forced to take all those pictures...

What "friends"... Way to rat me out ladies!!

Anonymous said...

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