Thursday, October 8, 2009

What a night!

Last week Carly and I met Chelsea and Cambree for dinner. The girls' due dates were two days apart, but Cambree was born eight weeks early.
That night I made the mistake of giving Carly her very first Puff (basically small pieces of baby cereal that melt in her mouth). BIG MISTAKE! Carly choked on it and threw up an entire bottle's worth of slimy milk - in to my hand (which was there to catch it - a mommy reflex), on the table and down my legs. Yum!
This was clearly payback for the time I gave Lauren's baby Hadley a piece of bread before she had ever even had her first puff (in my defense: I didn't know the rules of baby feeding yet, it was the soft, inside part of the bread and Lauren had brought Puffs with her to that lunch!)
Amazingly, Carly was happy through the rest of the dinner and we were all able to have a good time, despite the linger smell of...Moms, how do you describe that smell?
After dinner we took some pictures of the girls in front of the flowers. I should have known from the first picture that my sweet baby was not going to sit still - but it did make for cute pictures!

We got about three good pictures in before...

Carly got distracted by Cambree...
and started pulling on her...
and hugging her...
Poor Cambree. She just couldn't escape Carly's iron grip!
Thanks, Chels and Cambree for meeting us for dinner.


Chelsea said...

We had a great time! These pics are adorable! I love the one where Carly is holding on to Cambree, I think that one is my favorite!!

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