Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bundle Up!

Bundle Up because you-know-where has frozen over.
I. Mowed. The yard. The entire yard.
This is the first time since we moved in to our house 4 1/2 years ago and only the second time my entire life. The first time was when the city of Stephenville my roomates and I a notice that threatened a fine if we didn't mow our yard. I mean, we would have mowed it, but Alesha broke the brand new lawn mower her dad bought her when she neglected to put oil in it.
So what motivated me to mow? When Freddy announced that he would be mowing, I knew it meant that I would have to stay with Carly and skip the trip to the gym. So rather than that sit on my ever-growing butt, I decided to mow and burn a calorie or two.
Aside from the run-in with the fence (see pic below), it wasn't that bad. It also wasn't the great workout that everyone claims it is.
Lola was so confused by what was going on that she followed me around the yard the entire time. SOOO cute!