Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last Call

Our third and final (full) day in Vegas was a blast, too! It was full of more...you guessed it...walking. Good thing I had those new tennies!
My favorite hotel by far was the Wynn. It was GORGEOUS!

We ventured, beers in hand, off the main strip and down to the Stratosphere.

We stopped for a few photo ops and to play some slots at each hotel.

I even managed to squeeze in some skee ball at Circus Circus. It was the worst machine ever! All of my balls got stuck.

I hate birds. Melissa hates that about me. Birds were everywhere in Vegas - for example, outside of Starbucks and the gas stations where we bough our beer during our walk. Note: they do NOT move or fly away when you approach. So, I posed for a picture with this gas station bird. I was "acting" all freaked out by it until Freddy came out and scared the bird toward me. Thanks, babe. Can you see the bird in flight? YUCK!

Melissa SWEARS this Ryan Reynolds on the bus. It's not. But I can't find proof, so if my internet-savvy friend Sara could find that proof, I would appreciate it.

And here we are walking in to the Stratosphere.

Melissa was bound and determined to go to In and Out Burger while in Sin City, so here she is with Josh looking for it. Yes, they did eat there but I think the cab ride cost more than their dinner and t-shirts! Oh, Vegas, why aren't your cabs free?
Freddy, Melissa, Kacie and I rode the Insanity. And it was quite insane.

The plan was to leave Stratosphere and head to dinner. On the way out we noticed that Freddy had wandered off, but no one knew where he went. We looked behind us and spotted him coming down the escalator, pizza slice in hand - I mean mouth. Guess he couldn't wait.

We ate dinner at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, shopped and gambled some more that night. The next day we were headed back to reality. Freddy can't wait to go back, but I am looking forward to our next vacation being a beach one.


MELANIE said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun! I've been to Vegas once and had fun but probably don't have to go again. Y'all could compromise--I LOVED my hotel. We stayed at Mandalay Bay and it has a "beach"! One thing I wish we'd done was have our picture taken with "Elvis"!

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