Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am NOT a night owl. So you can only imagine how much I do not look forward to New Year's Eve. It's a night that you are practically required to stay awake until midnight. Forget the fact that you have a child with an internal alarm clock set to 7 am. 6:30 if she knows that you have been up late the night before.
So when Freddy and I decided to invite Sara and Austin down to ring in the new year with us, I had two rules.
1. Everyone must wear pajamas or sweatpants.
2. No makeup allowed.
It ended up being a fun, low-key night with good friends.
We ate, drank and played wii until midnight. Yes, I actually stayed up until midnight. But I was still tired the next day.
Happy New Year Blogging Friends!