Thursday, February 17, 2011

Minnesota; land of 10,000 lakes and 10 million potholes

Last weekend we took Carly on an Adventure of Firsts.
First time in Minnesota.
First time on a plane (she did GREAT!)

First time to meet her great-grandmother and take a picture with four generations of mothers and daughters. 

First time to meet her great-grandfather, too. Oh, how special!

First hotel stay. She loved it! However, since she was in the same room as us, we had to turn the tv off when it was time for her to go to bed. Needless to say, we all got some good nights of sleep with early bed times. Am I complaining? Heck to the No! I love to sleep.

 First time to see snow piled up taller than she is. And, in some places, taller than her daddy!

As a side note, I had to take a picture with "the statue". The statue that came crashing down on my head when I was just a toddler. The statue that left a visible scar in the middle of my forehead. I remember the statue being much, much bigger.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize they were uncovered. My apologies.

The snow was beautiful in some areas, but not worth the trouble of all the shoveling, salt damage to the cars, etc. that Northerners experience. And don't get me started on the potholes.

The visit was wonderful. I loved getting to spend time with my grandparents, introduce her to Carly and watch them interact. I wish we could have stayed longer. I wish a lot of things.


Lauren said...

I just cracked up at the pictures with the statues and how you covered them up! FUNNY!

MELANIE said...

Looks fun! Glad y'all made that trip!!

jkbro80 said...

Love the picture of the four of special to be able to be together in Minnesota. I'm sure it mean't everything to your Grandma and Grandpa! Hope to see you in Texas in March!