Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things she would never know if we didn't tell her

My heart melts at least 1 million times a day.
Examples? Okay.
Carly has taken my face in her hand, turned it to face her and kissed me.
If Carly hears someone sneeze, she fake sneezes.
I asked Carly yesterday if she wanted any cheese and she "cheesed" like she does for the camera.

I didn't have the camera or video camera handy for any of those heart-melting moments. But I want her to know about them.

As another example, every night I will go in to Carly's room and check on her after she is asleep. Prepare yourselves, moms...I pick her up. I pick her up and hold her. She used to fit in my arms, but now she overflows them. And sometimes she will point back to her bed and tell me, "nigh-nigh". As in, "Mom, I'm tired. Put me back in my bed." So I put her back in the bed, hand her her stuffed puppy and every time - EVERY TIME - she feels around on her puppy's face until she finds his nose and eyes. Then she goes back to sleep. I was able to capture that memory with the camera, but I won't be able to capture them all.

So I stole and idea that my friend and coworker, Sara, shared with me. She has a notebook where she writes down all of the funny stuff her little girl says or does. She has entitled it Things You Would Never Know if We Didn't Tell You.

I went to one of my favorite websites - - and found a vendor who made personalized books. It is 8.5 x 11 inches and has...oh, I can't remember...120 or so blank pages in it.

I plan to go back and think of things that have happened over the past 23 months and then just start adding to it as she says or does something that melts our hearts. It will likely end up being disorganized, with dates all out of chronological order with different colored inks (if you know me, you know that will drive me nuts). But it will be a wonderful keepsake for Carly when she gets older. I can't wait to start writing in it. 


Lauren said...

Cheryl! My mom kept notebooks for us. She wrote them out in diary form from the days we were born until adulthood. She held onto all the books until right before our weddings. I receieved mine on August 5th last year (right before I got married) and it is SOOO neat to see the things that I did growing up. A lot of which....I didn't even know 'til she told me! So glad you are doing this for Carly! She will REALLY appreciate it!

Amber said...

That is such a great idea!!

Meg said...

That is so awesome! And isn't it reassuring to see the love and sweetness come out of them and you know you must be doing something right?! :)

Courtney said...

Such sweet post! And you are just like the mom in the book "Love You Forever", picking Carly up when she's sleeping! Love it!!

MELANIE said...

LOVE that idea! :) I have 4x6 notecards that I jot down things the kids say because you will forget!! My intentions to write books like my mom haven't been kept current, but I plan to because I have notecards to go off of!