Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Daze

I assume that most of my blog followers are friends. Local friends that know all about the crazy weather that North Texas received this past week. But for those of you who aren't local friends...

We had some CRAZY weather here this week. When we get snow, the news channels go nuts. It's Snowmageden here. It's all they cover - even when the Super Bowl is in town like it is now.

Monday night it iced and sleeted. Texas is NOT equipped for this, so schools were closed on Tuesday. And seeing how it is now Friday and the temperature has yet to get above freezing...The schools were also closed on Wednesday. And Thursday. And even Friday.

I am lucky enough to have a job where I can work from home, so I never had to brave the icy roads to make the 28 mile trip to the office. I haven't left the house since I got home from work on Monday night. I have cabin fever.

Carly hasn't seemed to notice, but Lola has. She is ready for us to leave the house and leave her alone. Well, except for the fact that Carly has been giving her treats all day long. For the past four days. Lola does love that.

So, what have we done for the past four days?


Lola checked out the back yard...and promptly retreated back in to the warmth.

The warmth, however, was scarce on the second day when we experienced rolling blackouts. They didn't roll much electricity our way for the better part of the morning.

Much fussing and many, many tears later...I was able to get Carly's hair in to a pony tail. No, it doesn't take long. No, I don't pull hard. She just cries every single time you touch her hair. Sometimes all I have to do is show her the brush. With as much hair as she has, she will have to learn to deal with it.

We tried to take pictures in the snow the first day, but it was REALLY bright outside with all of that white stuff all over, so none of them turned out...except this one which isn't too bad after you crop me and my squinting eyes out of the picture.

Doesn't she look adorable all bundled and layered up?

 Freddy hooked up Skype so that we were able to chat with all of the grandparents.

Freddy checked the mail. In shorts. With a beer. 

We baked cookies, beer bread, chili, soup, seasoned pretzels, breakfast for dinner...
Needless to say, we ate a lot.

Carly Someone dropped macaroni and cheese on Lola.

On the last day, when Mother Nature decided to cover the ice with snow, we ventured back outside and managed to get a few cute shots.

Even our high-maintenance Lola managed to have some fun in the snow.

We may have been cooped up in the house for four days, but at least we were cooped up together. Okay, I realize that sounds cliche, but the day that Freddy did venture out to work, I was bummed...until he called me an hour later and told me he was headed back home.

And, yes. I am DYING to get out and go shopping for something. Anything.


MELANIE said...

Glad y'all were all together! Donald has been working ALL week! Carly looked cute all bundled up and with her ponytail!! :) I was also dying to get out and go ANYWHERE!!!!

Lauren said...

We ate a lot, too! And played a lot of video games! I don't know what I would have done with a small child and a dog to keep entertained during the ice-in! Glad y'all survived!