Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When I was in 7th grade (or was it 8th?), I remember Mrs. Beshea reading word problems to our math class. I was REALLY good at word problems. So good, in fact, that she had to tell the class that "Cheryl can't answer any more. Someone else has to solve the next one."

Well, let's see if you all can keep up with this word problem.

I have known Melanie since elementary school.
Kendra married my friend, Jeremy, and now Kendra and I are friends.
Amie is best friends with Kendra and works with Melanie.

So, other than one bow-making party at Kendra's, Amie and I don't know each other. But we blog-stalk each other.

Melanie and Kendra have never met, but they blog-stalk each other.

So, basically, each of us is friends with two others, but doesn't know one.

Two weeks ago (or maybe more - I'm not the most timely blogger), we all got together for dinner and "Stalk"tails.

Kendra, Amie, Melanie and me.

Okay, I guess that technically wasn't a word problem since there wasn't a question or problem to solve, but it definitely is a crazy blogging web we are all caught up in. I'll spare you the other ways that we are all connected. I'm afraid it might cost me some followers.

It was a lot of fun. You would have never guessed that some of us were basically strangers. I guess that is because when you read so much about a person on a blog you feel as if you know them.

We talked for hours and I definitely want to do this again.


SayrahB said...

Where the h-e-double hockey sticks was my invite??? I guess I'm not cool enough since I don't have a kid. Just kidding. If it was a mom night, I've got 140 of them I could come rant and rave about.

Cheryl said...

Actually...It was unanimous - you are COMING next time! I had no idea that you and Melanie were part of a group in HS referred to as...what was it...the Front Row Babes? or something similar...

MELANIE said...

Oh--the "front row foxes"!! haha! That was very fun and yes, let's do it again SOON!! I love that you called the "stalk"tails! hahaha :)

Katie said...

How fun! Love the word stalktails.