Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April To-Do's

Hello, April. You make me feel...ambitious.

But first...How did I do with my March to-do's?
I scrubbed the kitchen floor (the day before Carly's birthday party - BAD idea. I should have waited) and sent not five but SIX cards to people that I care about. I have in hand a recipe for a yummy salad complete with homemade dressing. Once I make that, all of my March to-do's are done.

On to April. Dare I tell you everything I want to get accomplished? Will you be disappointed if I fail you again? Oh, well. It can always carry over, right?

1. Stain the Adirondack chairs I got for Mother's Day last year!
2. Complete my "shelf project" - you'll just have to wait for pics of that one.
3. Clean the carpet in the living room
4. Take pictures of all of our TVs, jewelery, etc. for insurance purposes.
5. Get a library card (so I can download e-books to my Kindle for FREE!)
6. Do something - anything - with the landscaping/flower bed

So there you have it. What's on your April to-do list?


Lauren said...

You are so good! I tried to come up with to-dos, but each month is so busy lately, it feels like every day is a giant to do list! Keep it up! :)

MELANIE said...

Oh girl, I too learned that lesson about cleaning the floor BEFORE parties and now I wait!!
And, what's this about FREE kindle books downloaded from the library?!?! I need to totally take advantage of that!!