Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wicked Weekend

A long, long time ago (early March), I took a girls weekend and headed to San Antonio with some friends. We spent an entire afternoon shopping at the Outlets in San Marcos. Let me tell you, I could have shopped those shops for a week! If you haven't been, GO!

The weekend brought some firsts for us.

It was my first time to encounter a "multiple choice"  flusher.

Rachel nearly had her first anxiety attack when we picked up lunch in a restaurant with an overflowing toilet, re-heated pizza and an incessant cougher patron. 

Karol convinced us to "thread" our eyebrows for the first time. 

While sitting by the pool, I rolled up my pants and let my legs see sun for the first time since last summer. My legs blinded the poor sun.

And, the whole point of the weekend - we saw Wicked for the first time!

Fun times, girls. Fun times. 

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Lauren said...

So fun! I love girls' get-aways! Glad you got to see "Wicked!" I love that show! :)