Friday, April 15, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday

The only thing I love better than a good deal is bragging about it.

We all know that I love to read. Freddy, unfortunately, does not share that same passion. I remember the excitement of checking out library books as a child. Freddy remembers checking out all of the cuts and bruises he got from playing outside. We hope that Carly loves both the outdoors and a good book.

I have been eyeing the Tag Junior since Carly was born. But $30? When I am not sure if she is ready for it yet? So, I waited. UNTIL...Until our trip to Walmart this past Sunday. Freddy headed for the register and I headed for the clearance section. There it was. In all of it's Leapfrog glory. The purple Tag Junior. And the most beautiful part was the price tag. $13! I was so proud of myself that I practically skipped my way to the register. No exaggeration.

Yes, I realize that the picture quality is horrendous. I had to take it with my phone because my camera is STILL in the shop. Tomorrow, it will have been THREE WEEKS! I just got off the phone with the repair place and they said that they expect it to be another 7-10 business days. Boo! My fingers are still crossed that they can't repair it, or can't get the part and have to replace the camera - under warranty - with an upgrade!

I will also try to upload some pictures from the memory card this weekend. But don't hold your breath because it is a busy weekend - again - for the Clarks.

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