Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Belated Birthday Blog Post

There is a difference between a bad mom and a bad blogger.
Just because it took me nearly 2 months to post pictures of Carly's first birthday doesn't make me a bad mom. It makes me a bad blogger.

Our sweet Carly Dilyn turned 2 (holy cow!) on March 13.
She weighed in at a whopping 23 pounds.
She wears size 24 month shirts, but 12 months pants and skirts.
She is well on her way to potty training (knock on wood).
Her personality is really shining through and she is the LIGHT of our lives.

We spent the day doing what I she loves best. We shopped.
We hit up the Mattel Outlet and got not one, but TWO...trikes? Bikes? Whatever they are called, we got tow because they were such a good deal and so that there would be an extra one at our house for other kids to ride. (Update on the bikes coming in another blog...stay tuned!)

We also tried to find some tennis shoes that Carly could wear with her braces. No luck. Crocs, Crocs, every day Crocs.  But we did find a Minnie Mouse balloon on a stick. Lola hates it. She gets bonked in the head with it alot.

Carly D also got an awesomely cute patio table and chairs.

We had her birthday dinner at Olive Garden. I tried to snap some cute pics while we waited for our table. These are the best I got. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Carly Dilyn. We love you!

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Lauren said...

Happy birthday to her!!!! :)