Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dear Bahamas, I miss you

Three months after the fact, I would like to tell you about our trip to the Bahamas. That's right. It's September now and we took the trip back in JUNE!

We went with our friends Andrew and Kacie who are quickly turning in to our traveling buddies. We've been to Mexico, Las Vegas, San Antonio and now the Bahamas with them. Not to mention several out-of-town weddings. We also have another Las Vegas trip booked for January, but more about that in January.

We stayed at a Sandals resort and LOVED it. This is the first time we have gone adults-only and it was a very good decision. Had I seen cute toddlers toddling around the resort with their parents I would have had some serious mommy guilt that likely would have ruined the trip.

This cat found Kacie and wouldn't leave her - or her flip-flop - alone. I advised Kacie to either sanitize or destroy that sandal. Stray, foreign cats surely can't be vaccinated.

This was me pretty much the entire trip - laying on a lounge, reading the Kindle. Sure, I could have done this at the Holiday Inn down the street, but it was so much nicer in the Bahamas. And hey - this was my vacation and I wanted to spend it reading, so I did.

Thank goodness Andrew and Kacie were there to keep Freddy occupied. Thanks, guys!

Maybe you can spot the restroom sign in this picture, but I couldn't. I wandered down the stairs (per the directions of the bartender) thinking that once down there I would be able to pick between the men's or women's restroom. Wrong. This staircase led ONLY to the men's restroom, as noted on the poorly placed sign. Lucky for me I quickly noticed my mistake and was able to make my way back up the stairs without being spotted.

The piano bar was TONS OF FUN, but the man in charge wouldn't let anyone sit and watch. Everyone had to sing with him - even me, one of the worst singers in the world.

A little piece of advice for anyone wanting to try piano bar singing - Kokomo is NOT a piano-bar-friendly song.

The resort served only Bahamian beers, which Freddy and Andrew were able to doctor with a little lime. But when the Mavs beat the Heat while we were there, they guys won a bet with the bartenders and were able to score a few bottles of their favs - Miller Lite and Coors Lite.

Dirty Bananas - Yum-Me!

The only downside to this gorgeous resort was the birds, for me anyway. I HATE birds. I think that they are gross, they carry diseases, they invade your personal space for the chance to scoop up even the tiniest of crumbs with their nasty, pecky, pointy little beaks. And don't get me started on their talons and beady eyes. Yuck!

Regardless of my feelings for birds, even I had to admit that this white peacock was pretty cool.

Fancy-Shmancy, no? This, blogger buddies, is the seating area in the before-mentioned downstairs bathroom. I thought it was fun.

The food at this resort was very good. In this particular picture, Freddy is being tossed a piece of fried egg - and he caught it in his mouth - unlike the 3 newlywed husbands!

Freddy and I ventured out one morning to the straw market. It gave as an opportunity to experience local public transportation, which was interesting.

This picture does not do it justice. It was isles and isles of straw products and knock-off bags. I learned quickly that you can negotiate the price of the bags, but not of cute straw hats.

This was the cute straw hat I bought for $25. It saved me! However, it is only for laying out. If you wear it while walking to the brick-oven pizza stand (which we ordered from every afternoon while we were there), it flops in your face and you can only see about two feet in front of you. I heart that hat. Fingers crossed that it will reshape after being stuffed in my bag for the trip home.

See that guy catching the football? That's my husband. Sorry, ladies - he's taken.

It was a wonderful trip with wonderful friends. It was nice to get away, but I sure did miss my baby and my puppy. We will definitely be trying more Sandals resorts in the future.


Katie said...

Fun! The last trip we took was to an adults-only place, and it was the best decision EVER.

Lydia said...

Yes, we loved that Sandals - did I tell you that is where we went for our honeymoon? We stayed on the off-shore island all week!

Oh - and try finding that bathroom at 1 AM just a tiny bit blitzed!!