Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I tried

I tried to turn an old, warn maternity shirt in to a t-shirt scarf. Don't think I am too crazy - I actually saw this do-it-yourself-project on Pinterest. BTW - if you aren't addicted to Pinterest, you must not have ever been on their site. It is a must-check-out.

Back on track...

I followed the directions:

1. grab some cotton t-shirts you don’t wear anymore. larger sizes tend to work better as do non-ribbed shirts with no side seams. small logos on the shirts work fine, too.

2. grab a pair of fabric scissors if you have them, otherwise any scissors will do.

3. lay the shirt out on a flat table in front of you.

4. cut the hem off the bottom and put it aside.

5. cut the shirt into 1-1 1/2 ” horizontal strips all the way up to the armpit.

6. grab 3-4 shirt strips in both hands, and gently stretch them out. the strips will naturally curl into themselves.

7. once you have done this with many of the strips, it is time to get creative. try draping them, wrapping one end with excess fabric, combining colors, braiding them, attaching beads, pins, old jewelry, etc.

I wasn't getting the results I wanted, so I even wet the strips and threw them in to the dryer hoping they would curl in to themselves better. No luck, Chuck.

This was the end-result (and the most flattering picture of the scarf that I took). I was not in love. Maybe it's the stripes?

Conclusion: Not every Pinterest Junkie will be able to successfully execute every project they attempt. This scarf was my failure.

My Pinterest success was this new make-up brush holder.


I already had the vase, so it only cost me $4 for the coffee beans
Makes my bathroom smell like french vanilla coffee beans

Makes my bathroom smell like french vanilla coffee beans
Makes my brushes smell like french vanilla coffee beans
Pulling brushes out sometimes brings coffee beans out, too - more clean up

I may have an equal amount of pros and cons, but I plan to keep the coffee bean make-up brush holder. That is, until the coffee beans get dusty (I am not about to clean coffee beans).
Anything is better than the plain, old cup I had them in before, right?

I also plan to make a recipe tomorrow that I found on Pinterest - I'll keep you posted. Who knows...Maybe my Pinterest Posts will be a regular thing on my blog.

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