Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eww at the Zoo...and Happy Birthday Emily!

Have you ever been to a birthday party at the zoo? We hadn't until this past weekend. In fact, Carly had never been to the zoo at all before this past weekend. I know, I know. A nearly three year old that has never been to the zoo. It's an epic fail in parenting. My fellow-blogger Amie would be so disappointed in me.

Last Saturday the Clark family headed to the zoo to celebrate Emily's third birthday. Birthday parties there are great. Each party gets their own room where you can have cake, open presents, etc. The staff actually bring four different animals in to the room.

We all know that I am not a fan of bird's. So what do you think the first animal was? A macaw, of course. Seeing as how I was already seated front-row Joe on the floor with all the other mommies and their kiddos, I decided to tough it out and not look like a total wimp.

Of course this particular bird was skittish. It didn't like noise or streamers. Why, you ask, would they choose this bird to attend kiddie birthday parties? I have not a clue. I got a little anxious each time it spread it's wings, but I made it through the bird exhibition.

I cannot say the same, however, for this next beast. When the zoo girl took this possum - yes, possum! - out of the mini trash can, I did what every good mother would do. I abandoned my child on the floor and ran to the back of the room, exclaiming that "I am out" and that Freddy "was up". Not only is the rodent DISGUSTING, but it was cross-eyed. Out. Out, out, out. No thank you!

Is a possum even a zoo animal? Where were the penguins? the mini monkeys like the one on Friends? Would it have killed them to bring in a koala bear instead?

I can't even bring myself to look at that picture. I covered my eyes and quickly scrolled down. Yuck!

Next came a mini owl. Cool. I can handle that. Even the wing flapping didn't freak me out.

Then there was the baby alligator. I could have done without that, but I preferred that more than a snake, I guess.

Happy third birthday to sweet, sweet Emily. 

And then we were off to the zoo to enjoy the elephants,
 and tigers...

...and lots of other cool animals.
We did not, however, partake in the Parrot Paradise. Nope. We sure didn't.

We also rode the train - which Carly really liked. Too bad it was such a short ride. 

 And at the end, we commemorated the occasion with a new stuffed animal. Freddy got a little upset with me when I tried to push the stuffed elephant (or panda or penguin) onto Carly. But she held her ground and left the zoo with...Monkey.

Carly really enjoyed herself, so I think that we will definitely be making more trips to the zoo. We will, however, be skipping the possum exhibit. And Parrot Paradise.


Leah Hunt said...

What a SUPER fun idea!!! Love the pictures. We love the zoo too! So thankful to have such a great one that is also so close.

MELANIE said...

holy crap I cracked up about the crossed eyed possum! That is NOT a zoo animal! Lauren ran over one tonight-hahahaha so gross. I didn't know zoos did parties! How fun!

amie said...

this post made me laugh!!!