Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jingle all the way

Freddy and I have "participated in" the Jingle Bell Run for the past two years. I say "participated in" because what I did behind that jogging stroller last year could hardly be called running. Or jogging. It was an ugly first-time-out for Carly and the jogging stroller.

While in Minnesota with the family in October, I invited my sister Cathy to join us. The things is, I never actually signed up for this year's run. So when her and Charlie came to stay the night with us a few Friday nights ago, I had no idea that they had been running and secretly signed up for the run to surprise us.

I figured since I was the one that talked them in to it, I needed to run it with them. So we all got up early the next morning, I donned my Christmas present shirt and off we went. Carly and Freddy stayed home, though. It was a cold, wet morning.

I didn't exactly rock that 5K, but I had fun doing it. I think that Cathy and Charlie did, too. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new tradition and many more 5K's together.

I enjoyed spending the day with Cathy, Charlie and Christy.
And of course Carly soaked up all the love and affection that her aunts and uncles were showering her with.

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