Monday, December 26, 2011

North Pole Express

Other than teaching, not many jobs give you two weeks off at Christmas. With pay. without having to use your PTO days. I am blessed to have a job that does just that. And I wanted to make the most of those two weeks!

One really cool thing that Carly and I did was go on the North Pole Express with our new friends Laine and (her mom) Erin. We met them in gymnastics (more on that soon) and we really enjoy spending time with them. Carly and Laine are only 2 days apart in in age!

Anyway... We went on the North Pole Express. It's a real train that drives through Grapevine.

Since we were there pretty early, there was enough time for the girls to decorate an ornament. 

After watching a short (and somewhat cheesy) stage show, we boarded the train - which was decorate for Christmas complete with tree and singing elves. 

Carly and Laine
Don't they look adorable in their holiday pajamas?!

Laine and her mommy, Erin

Finally a picture without her eyes closed!

Laine cracks me up! She is such a funny kid with THE BEST expressions. She was singing along to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, one of the elves sang "like a light bulb!" or another one of those interjected lines. I guess Laine hadn't heard that before because as soon as she heard that, she shot the elf a disapproving look and I don't think she trusted her the entire rest of the ride.

Santa Claus himself made and appearance and handed out bells to each of the kids.

It took Carly three.long.days to loose interest in that bell.

Carly and I had a great time on the train ride. Thanks, Erin and Laine, for inviting us!

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