Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carly's fifth hair cut

I think that one of Carly's best physical features is her hair. And her eyes and her eyelashes and her cute little nose...I could go on and on. But I won't.

Carly is constantly getting comments on her long, thick, gorgeous hair. Moms of babies with little hair are constantly giving me dirty looks. I am constantly asked if I curl her hair. No, I do not.

Carly is no stranger to haircuts.

Remember when we cut her  Baby Mullet?

And let's not forget her First official hair cut. After this particular hair cut I started taking her to my hair dresser, Carry. The first go-round was a bit of a mess. Lot's of tears and Carry having to chase Carly's hair with the scissors.

The second hair cut with Carry was when we discovered the secret to a happy haircut - a Dum-Dum! It keeps her happy and preoccupied enough that Carry can cut her hair without having to duck, swivel and turn while she tosses her head around. The only downside is hair on the sucker, but if she can deal with that, so can I.

And now her haircuts are fun.

We even discovered the trick to getting her to keep her head down so that Carry can cut the back of her hair - Mickey Mouse playing on my phone - at her feet. My husband is a baby genius!

Even though her hair is still really long, I think it looks short now. I'll get over it, though, because I know we have many, many haircuts ahead. Bring on the Dum-Dums!

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