Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Over the past week, I have acquired two new addictions - both soon to pass as soon as I finish them.

The first started last Wednesday when I began reading Twilight. As of right now, I have finished the first two books and I am over half way the third book, Eclipse.

While I can't say that they have changed my life or that I will never read another book again because nothing could compare (actual responses I have heard), I will say that I have not been able to put them down. I even read at stop lights and on my lunch break at work. And (if you know me, this will SHOCK you), I opted to read on Monday night rather than watch the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Special Event. That will likely give Shelby another brain aneurysm when she reads that.

I want see the movie this weekend, though I plan to go to a matinee showing because I am assuming that the crowds will be smaller.

I recommend this series to EVERYONE! Okay, mostly women. Men probably won't dig it because it's very romantical (that's a Cheryl world).

The second addiction is to the Boy Scouts Carmel Light popcorn that I bought from a co-worker's son for a fundraiser. I got the tin on Monday and worked from home on Tuesday (leaving the tin at my desk) and I am already over half way through it. BUT...I have been sharing it with friends and I don't feel TOO guilty because it IS light. Still I thought it was best to lock it up in the compartment over my desk until Friday. We'll see how long it takes before I break in.

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Lauren said...

I read Twilight and finished it yesterday! I need the second book BADLY! I need my fix! It is an addiction!!!!