Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby Brain #3

Tonight Freddy's boss is taking the salesmen, shop foreman, office manager, etc. and their spouses to dinner at a VERY nice restaurant. Being pregnant, everything that I would have worn to this dinner doesn't fit anymore. So I decided last night that I needed to know exactly what I was going to wear so that I wouldn't make us late tonight, trying on everything in my closet.
This morning, I went to grab my black bra from the drawer and it wasn't there. Where could it have gone? I had it on just last night when I was trying on all of those outfits. Did I accidentally put it in the hamper? No. Did I carelessly leave it in the bathroom? No. WHERE WAS IT?! Oh, well. I'll wear the cream one.
La De Da...Getting ready for work...putting on clothes...need some jewelry...There's that pesky bra! I had put in the jewelry drawer. But I wasn't as far off base as you would assume - the jewelry drawer is right beside the bra drawer. Baby Brian.

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Kendra said...

Jeremy said he feels weird reading your blog when you are talking about your bra....I just thought it was funny that he read blogs in the first place! ;)