Friday, November 21, 2008

Ever had an "I can't believe I thought that" moment?

As you know, my friend Shelby had brain surgery in August. Now she has metal plates (and maybe screws, too?) in her head. Well, her and I went to a Ranger's game a few months back and as we were walking in the security guards gave us the once over with one of those metal detector wands. A common procedure, it had nothing to do with how we looked. Anyway...we were a few steps past them when she decides to turn around ask them to wand her head to see if it would go off. The security men looked confused, but when she told them why they happily obliged. And it actually "whined" a little as it passed over her head! Very cool!
So that got me telling the story of how my grandfather has a metal plate in his knee and when we were younger, he would stick magnets to it to amuse us. Then, as I was telling her the story, it hit me! He LICKED the magnets and THEN put them on his knee. His metal-plated knee was not magnetic after all. What a sad discovery to make at the age of TWENTY EIGHT! I was pregnant at the time, but this one I cannot attribute to Baby Brain so I called it an "I can't believe I thought that" moment.
I had another "I'm so stupid" moment last week during the Redskins game. They flashed to a picture of the Lincoln Memorial and I thought "Washington D.C.? I thought the Redskins played in Washington State." Yeah. I actually thought that until LAST WEEK! I guess it wouldn't make much sense for a team from Washington State to be playing in the NFC East (not that the Cowboys playing in the NFC East makes much geographical sense either). I can't believe I thought that!


Courtney said...

I thought the exact same thing about the Redskins! I'm definitely not into football like you are, but I always thought they were from Washington state.

And my one of many "Wow, I'm an idiot" moments occurred when I was a kid, maybe 10 or 11. While in the grocery store with my mom it suddenly dawned on me. After hearing the Eggo waffles commercial about a hundred times, it finally occurred to me that their slogan, "Leggo my Eggo", meant "Let go of my Eggo". I never thought if it that way. I am not sure what I thought that meant, but it finally just hit me one day. Yes, I was a very gifted child.

Katie said...

Cheryl, I thought they were from Washington state until a year or two ago, and when I told Jeremy that, he looked at me like I'd lost my mind. Glad I'm not the only one! Ha.

Here's one...I lived on campus when I first moved to Austin. Every Capital Metro bus has a big yellow sign on the back that says, "Caution: Children may be exiting." Well, for a YEAR, when I read that sign, in my head I read "Caution: Children my be EXCITING." One day I asked my friend OUT LOUD why they would put that sign on the back of a bus. Holy moly.