Monday, December 21, 2009

Sin City - Day 2

Day 2. Rookie Mistake: I didn't pack any tennis shoes. But in my defense, I did pack my most comfortable flats. And I wore them the entire second day. We walked the ENTIRE STRIP. In shoes that are not tennis shoes. I had a bit of a blister, but nothing too bad. Stay tuned for Day 3 when I address this problem.
Like I said, day 2 we walked the strip. I loved seeing all of the different hotels. They were beautiful and different and elaborate. We stopped in each casino to play a slot. or two. or three. or ten. It all depended on the hotel and how "hot" the machines were.

While in Caesar's Palace, we stopped for some shopping and a drink. Josh and Melissa ordered first. They got two simple, mixed drinks. Nothing fancy. No request for the finest of liquors. Just two mixed drinks. The bartender rang them up and as Andrew and Freddy noticed the price pop up on the screen, they quickly turned and walked away leaving Josh and Melissa with their THIRTY SIX DOLLAR DRINKS! Needless to day, they were the only two that ordered from that bar and they drank every. last. drop.

Everywhere we went, Andrew and Kacie seemed to get stopped by someone selling something. Those of you who know Andrew likely think this is strange that Andrew didn't just tell the guy to buzz off, huh? Me, too.

We stopped for lunch at the ESPN bar at the New York New York just before we rode the roller coaster there.

And then...then something wonderful happened. We were playing the slots and I cashed out when I had won $10 - which brought me up to a total gain of $22. I went to find a machine to cash out my ticket. I heard Freddy calling me. He had won! Nearly as much as we had set aside to gamble away. Hooray! My $10 looked really pathetic next to his big winnings.
Next we were off to Minus 5 - a bar made entirely of ice. The walls, the chairs, the bar itself, the cups, the tables - basically everything but the floor. They give you parkas and gloves, of course.
This is Melissa showing off her XS parka.
You encounter a lot of "characters" on the Las Vegas strip.
You would think that after the incident at Caesars, we would have learned to ask how much the drink is before we order it, wouldn't you? Well, we didn't. Freddy ordered an $18 drink. But at least we got to keep the...cup?

That night we had tickets to see Cirque de Soleil's Mystere. It was AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! We love Cirque.