Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Day Hay Day

Way, way, a month called November...two of my friends walked in the 3-Day. It's a 60 mile walk that benefits breast cancer research. Carly, Sara, Austin, Josh and I went to cheer on Melissa and Jodi on their last day.
We made festive shirts (thanks, Shelby, for the idea) and I even made Carly a matching bow. I thought it looked HUGE on her, so I took it off after this picture.
Carly was a SMASH HIT! Walkers, spectators and passers-by all stopped to comment on how cute she looked. Some even took pictures. Can you blame them?!

Here we are with our 3-Dayers! They did an amazing thing that weekend and I am proud to call them my friends.

The event (which basically consisted of standing in the street cheering on walkers) was AMAZING! I was inspired, touched and moved to tears on more than a couple of times. Kleenex was everywhere! I highly encourage everyone to look up this event next year and head to a cheer station at least once over the three day weekend. You will get more out of the experience than you can imagine!


Jodi said...

I just now saw this (January...)
I had to say, it was HIGHLIGHT having you all come out and support us and the hole experience.
I too loved Carly and the shirts!
Awesome weekend, great event, and even better company!


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