Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I was a brave grasshopper, or so I was told.

Even before the 3 Day came my experience with Vietnamese food. I knocked another item off of my Thirty by Thirty list when I tried a new cuisine.

My good friend Sara took me to one of her family's favorite Vietnamese food restaurants. She said she opted for this one because the one she really wanted to take me to was a hole in the wall with ripped booth seats and she wanted me to be impressed adn not frightened.

I must say that Sara was a total trooper. Yes, Sara. She listened to T-Tiny cry and scream for the entire 30 minute car ride there and back. Does it come as a surprise that I tell you she is also a mommy? Thanks, Sara, for being so patient.
Once we got to the restaurant and Carly knocked over an ENTIRE glass of ice water, she was fine. No more crying.
Sara was beyond excited to walk with me through this experience and I was glad to have done it with her.
I really liked all of the food (except for some egg thing that is Sara's favorite and the boba tea at the end, but more about that in a bit). It definitely reminds me of Chinese food, but it is much lighter and healthier. I actually want to go again and experiment a bit more, especially with the spices and seasonings. Did you hear that, Sara?
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what all I ate, but if you would like to know, you can check out Sara's blog. I think that she kept everything relatively "safe" for me when she ordered.
A few people mentioned to me beforehand that I should try this coffee drink with eagle brand milk in the bottom. Sara had no idea what I was talking about and ordered boba teas instead. Next time I am going to ask a waitress about the coffee drink. The boba tea itself was good, but the jelly-like balls that come rushing up your straw in to your unexpecting mouth were just not for me. That's why I spit them out in to the water glass.

Okay, Sara. I am ready for round 2. Perhaps we can talk the SMS girls in to having the Christmas Party at a Vietnamese restaurant?

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