Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sin City

There is a lot to say about our trip to Vegas, so I think that I will blog about it one day at a time.

This trip was an item on my Thirty by Thirty List - "It's a secret until I do it". Well, the secret was that I wanted to surprise Freddy with a trip to his Disney World - VEGAS!
I found a good deal on Southwest Vacations and in a matter of two days I had organized our vacation. We had friends going with us, Hag, Natalie, Andrew and Kacie and Josh and Melissa. They all knew that it was a secret and that Freddy would only find out when our friends popped up at the airport and the hotel. It was a brilliant plan.
I surprised Freddy with the trip as an Anniversary gift. He was surprised and sooooooo excited. Neither one of us had ever been.
Then Hag spilled the beans. Freddy said that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing because it gave us the opportunity to plan activities together.
And after Hag RUINED EVERYTHING, he ended up not going, which also took Natalie out of the mix.
And a month and a half lately we were off...
Melissa and I were huge dorks and wore matching outfits on the plane.

When we got to the airport, Freddy and Melissa each played a dollar slot. Freddy lost his buck, but...

Melissa won $10. And it wasn't even her lucky slot - the double diamond.
The boys managed to make it to the sports betting place and bet on Monday Night Football. They won! We were off to a good start.
And just to give you a little insight on how I gamble...if you had asked me at any point in the vacation how much I had to lost or won, I could tell you. "I'm up five. I'm down ten. I've only lost 13. I'm back up 23. " My saying for the week was "Cash Out!". Freddy and I are complete opposites in that way.

We stayed at the Treasure Island. It was fun for first-timers, but next time I will want to stay closer to the middle of the strip. The room was beautiful and we had an amazing view of the strip. Too bad I couldn't get a good picture through the glass. You would have liked it.

Monday (the first day) was REALLY rough for me. I don't know why, but I was BEAT. I could barely keep my eyes open. I downed gallons upon gallons of coffee in an attempt to not face plant in to my dinner or a slot machine. My eyes have never been that heavy.
That first night we went and saw Jubilee - the burlesque show - typical Vegas with huge, elaborate head pieces, kick lines and topless women. Yeah, I know. My review: The costumes were beautiful, but I likely won't go back. The show started at midnight Texas time, so I was battling to stay awake.

Bed time could not come soon enough.