Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have recently come to the following conclusions:
1. Megan was right. Don't break the bank on an expensive crib (no matter how beautiful), because your child will just EAT IT!

Thank goodness I followed her advise. These pictures were taken over a month ago. Carly has dug even deeper in to the wood. We even found a wood chip in her diaper the other morning.
Yes, I know that we need to invest in the plastic covers. Hopefully they have ones for the sides of the crib and not just the front and back.

2. I am in fact a baby gate kind of mom.

3. Carly did a great job of transitioning from bottle to sippy cup AND from formula to milk.

4. This light has GOT to go!

5. Carly's hair isn't ready for pigtails yet.


Meg said...

LOL Glad I could help!!!
PS: You have mommy-brain. You had 2 #3s. :)

Cheryl said...

Oh, mommy brain. Does it ever get better? Thanks, Megan.

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