Monday, April 26, 2010

Literal Casualties

Growing up, books were very special to me (and still are). My library card was magical.
Carly already has tons of books. I can't stop myself from buying them for her.
And every time I read one to her or watch her play with one I think, "Please don't tear that beautiful book. Please don't chew it or rip it or destroy it. Please don't ever write anything other than your name inside that book. Let that book stay beautiful."
I literally get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I think about a book being ripped or torn or mangled. I once borrowed a book from my friend Sarah. When I finished it, the corners of the cover were ugly and I had accidentally creased the front. I couldn't return it to her like that. I had to buy her a new one.
So you can imagine my horror when Carly did this to her pop-up books:

Can you see Slimy the worm on top of that purple hat?
Nope? See. That's him right there. Without a head (?).
Do worms have heads? This one doesn't... anymore.

And Grover's horse?
All pop-ups have since been taken out of circulation until a later date (tbd).

Fingers crossed that Carly grows up to love and treasure books.


miss t said...

If she's destroying it, that just means she loves it. Kids never take the time to tear up the books that they don't like! the books in my classroom that kids love the most are the ones that look the worst!

Aunt Cathy said...

Poor Carly! Now is the time when she should be reading sturdy board books or cloth books on her own, and those beautiful ones she can read on Mommy and Daddy's lap(s). I feel the same way when my brand new books are torn to shreds, arrrh! Funny things is, the kids have more fun "reading" my educational mail catalogs instead :)

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