Saturday, April 24, 2010

Landri's bouncing birthday party

Happy belated birthday to Ryan and Kristi's little sweetie, Landri!
Holy cow! I remember when she was born and can hardly believe that she is already FOUR!
Landri's Minnie Mouse party was at one of those bounce places. Since Carly isn't walking yet (I am NOT pushing that), we knew that bouncing would not go over well but thought that a slide might be a hit with our little dare devil.
It was not.

Neither was this box thing that all of the other kids liked so much.

Daddy (and mommy) holding her was a hit.
Here are some cute pics I snapped of my loves.

Like I said in an earlier post, she is actually keeping her ponytail holders and bows in ALL DAY! This is quite an accomplishment.
At the end of the day. when the ponytail holder is out, this is what her hair looks like.

Pure awesomeness.