Friday, September 2, 2011

September To-Do's

 My August To-Do's are To-Done.

We took Carly to get her first snow cone. The snow cone stand didn't have umbrellas over their tables and it was over 100 degrees outside, so opened the back hatch to my car and sat in the back.

Carly took a few bites of our snow cones, but quickly moved on to the movie that was still playing on the dvd player in the back seat. Good thing we didn't buy Carly her own snow cone.

I also FINALLY ordered a blog book of the first year I blogged - 2008. I used and it couldn't have been easier! I just wish I had found a valid coupon code. I plan to do the same for 2009 and 2010 soon as well. I love that I will always have these books to look back on. I love me some pictures, but having my thoughts and commentary to go with them is just icing on the cake!

Now on to my September To-Do's.

The last skirt that I bought was right after I had Carly - over two years ago. The last skirt that I bought before that was probably in 07. Needless to say, I dont' have many skirts in my closet that fit my mommy body. It's time for a new skirt. But not just a skirt - an entire skirt outfit because that last thing I want is for the skirt to just sit in my closet because I don't have a top to go with it.

1. Buy a skirt outfit
2. Do something new and fun with Carly
3. Complete a craft project (I am now accepting ideas. Until I find a good one, you can find me on Pinterest.)

What is everyone else doing this month?

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