Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crazy Car Day

Two weeks ago I jumped in my car to go to the gym and it wouldn’t start. Sure, the radio turned on, but what good does that do me when it won’t turn over? None. No good.

So…I had Freddy drop me off at the gym on his way to a happy hour (yup. That’s what I typed. I prepared for our Mexico trip by hitting the gym, he prepared by hitting the $1 beer happy hour with Clint) and pick me up after my class. When we got home, he took my battery to one of those car places and had it tested. It wasn’t dead, so we were thinking that it was either the starter (because it hasn’t been turning over very smoothly EVERY time lately) or the computer.

The next morning, Freddy wakes up early and calls the tow truck. It is supposed to be there at 6 am, but doesn’t show up until after 8. Typical.

Freddy and I hop in his truck and head to Classic Chevrolet where we speak to the repair man and then pop in to Enterprise to rent a car for me for the day. I hand a credit card and my license to the nice girl behind the counter. She looks at the license and says, “Do you have a current license?”. DIRT! It expired a little under a month ago on my birthday.

Off to the DMV. I know what you are going to say – “Just have Freddy rent the car and you drive his truck”. Nope. Freddy NEEDS his truck for work. “Okay, just have Freddy rent the car and then you can switch”. No again. I can’t drive a standard, so I couldn’t even get it out of the parking lot.

After waiting in line for about 20 minutes, Freddy gets a call from Classic. My battery is dead. Impossible! We had it tested last night. So, rather than pay the million dollars that the dealership would charge to change the battery, Freddy leaves me to buy a battery and change it himself. I wait the next hour and a half alone – Well, not completely alone. I was next to a woman with the worst attitude who won’t stop talking about how much she hates the DMV and the staff. No is talking to her. She just kept complaining…out loud. A lot.

Two hours later, paper license in hand, I walk to Ross to wait for Freddy to pick me up. Why is he late? Because the battery that the sales associate at NTB said would fit my car did not fit my car. Wasted trip.

After lunch with my husband (a rare treat during the work week), he dropped me off at work. An hour later he calls to tell me that Classic has run a diagnostic on my car and come to the conclusion that my only problem was a dead battery.

What could be more frustrating than that? No, not the $250 we spent on a new battery and a diagnostic test that showed nothing was wrong with my car. No, not the fact that we spent this money just days before our vacation. How about the fact that my car is still having some starter issues? Nice.

I’ve been told that this is great preparation for having kids. Car has problems. You take it to the dealership. They find nothing wrong with it. Child is sick. You take the child to the doctor. Child makes miraculous recovery in the exam room. I’m going to love motherhood (someday).

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MELANIE said...

Seriously annoying! I just recently went through something similar to this with my car. I was about to pop pregnant and my car just knew it was about to be paid off! My problem was the alternator. The dealer said nothing was wrong. They were the ones wrong!!