Friday, June 6, 2008

Thirty By Thirty

These pictures have nothing to do with this post. I just don't like to post without any pictures.

Now to the reason for my blog: My thirty by thirty list. I wish that I could write something profound about how I came to decide that I would have a thirty by thirty list…but I can’t. Basically, I heard about a co-worker that had done this and decided that I wanted to celebrate turning 30 in a fun, unique way and a thirty by thirty list would allow me to do that. So, here I am.

Let me get everyone to speed:
Thirty by Thirty list: A list of thirty things that I would like to do before I turn 30
Current age: 28
Date I turn the big 3-0: May 10, 2010
Time left to complete list: 1 year, 11 months and 4 days
Deadline for completing list (not tasks on list): June 30, 2008
Number of items currently on list: 18

While I intend to make an official post about this important time in my life, I can’t do that until I actually complete the list. I still need 12 more things for my list, so I am appealing to you, my blog readers (whoever you are) to offer some suggestions. Let me share with you a few that have already made my list just so that you can get an idea.

Change the oil in my car
Give Blood
Become CPR certified
Learn a ballroom dance
Visit a state I have never been
Start a family
Host a fancy dinner party at which I serve a homemade (by me!) gourmet meal
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Stacey said...

"Change oil in your car"....
I wish I knew where the oil in the car was (LOL) ;-D

I saw in your profile that you are a "Colts fan"...well just a suggestion why not try and be their mascot....
Just think, how many people would be able to say that by the time they were "thirty", they had done all these things and became a mascot for their favourite football team (LOL) :-D

misti said...

I know you are a runner, but what about trying for a half marathon? Or, even a full?

I've been thinking about a 28 for 28 list, but I like the 30 list because it gives me two years to complete!

*Kendra* said...

I was going to say to do a half or full marathon by 30. That was my goal, but since I'm having a baby in August and turning 30 in December, it probably won't happen...

Meg said...

Hi Cheryl! I ran across your blog last week! I am so going to do this! I turn 30 less than a month after you :)
Do you need to paint any rooms or organize any rooms in your house? Do you need any new furniture or have a savings $$ goal? Are there any oldie but goodie movies that you've never seen? Landscaping/gardening projects? Do you have a will? (That one needs to go on my list!)