Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Going Green

My sister, Cathy, is so cool. She is an awesome teacher - she teaches her pre-k kids via ipods. Parents can go online and listen to a podcast to find out what their children are learning. How cool is that? She also started a recycling program at her school - with her pre-k students!
Here is a link to a newspaper article about the "Green Bulldogs":

So, being easily influenced, I have started to "go green" myself. I bought reusable grocery bags at Wal-Mart this weekend. They cost $1 each, hold WAY more groceries and have longer handles so you can carry some on your shoulder. Deal or dud? DEAL!


r0dn3y said...

HECK YES! Sounds like a great investment to me. I've also started to "go green", so it looks like we're on the same page. I didn't know Wal-Mart even sold these kinds of bags. Now I have to make sure I pick some up because I've just been re-using regular grocery bags.

Your sister seems really dedicated and into this stuff. That's great! More people need to have a sip of what she drank so the environment can be in better care.

I think I'm doing a pretty good job on my end. I'm recycling more and doing little things like paying bills online and carpooling. The most interesting thing that I've done so far was switch to bioheat. It's awesome, have you heard of it? It's pretty popular in the green community. It's biodegradable and non-toxic, so you won't have to breathe in all of those nasty fumes. The best part is that it's made of heating oils blended with every-day products like avocado and corn. Cool right?

I found out about it through my job here at NORA. I did more research on it and found out some great info and more tips from:

Check it out and see what other suggestions are offered.

Anonymous said...

Hey love the article. How flattering! Charlie and I started recycling at home, thanks to the influence of my studnets and now have our own yard waste(and paper) bin, plastic, and aluminum. We also bought, back in Dec., an awesome water dispenser from Lowes for $80 that dispenses hot and cold water. We have a service deliver the 5 gallon jugs to the house and have saved a lot of money after the initial cost of the cooler. We used to buy 2 packs of Dasani a week... $10 a week! So wasteful!

Anyway, Cheryl, I love that you are using the Wal Mart bags. Aren't they great? If you shop at certain grocery stores, like Albertsons and I think United, they will give you a percentage off of your bill if you bring in your own bags. Going green really pays!