Monday, June 23, 2008

Mexico - Day 2

The weather cleared up for day 2. Sure, there were 2 or 3 short showers of maybe a minute or a minute and a half, but not enough to move any of us from our loungers. Or should I say – not enough to move the women from the loungers or the men from the pool; the swim-up bar to be exact. Our favorite pool was by a bar called Captain Morgan’s something or another. Did we frequent this spot because it was named after our dear friend Morgan? No, we liked it because it was the closest pool to our rooms.
The boys at the Captain Morgan bar
Mandy, TJ and Hag swam with the dolphins early that morning. I opted not to go because I learned during our snorkeling trip last year that I don’t like fish to touch me so I knew that I wouldn’t like touching a dolphin. The rest of us slept in that morning, met for breakfast and then went to the pool. Water aerobics started in our pool just before lunchtime. Hag, Mandy and Kacie tried it and the rest of sat on our butts (vacation is not for exercising. Besides, I did a lot of walking around that resort and we were on the third floor, so I wasn’t completely lazy). The instructor blew his whistle on every count. For 30 minutes. It got old fast.

Water Aerobics

Rachel and Morgan at the pool

After lunch we headed to the beach and tried out some of the complimentary water sports. There was kayaking and wind-surfing. Freddy and I kayaked and so did Kacie, TJ and Andrew and Morgan and Rachel, but Hag tried windsurfing. It took him awhile, but he KIND OF got the hang of it by the end. Rachel tried it and popped right up and Morgan tried, too, with about as much success as Hag.

Andrew, Kacie and TJ kayaking

Hag got up!

We wrapped up the water sports after about an hour and headed back to the pool. It was a very nice, relaxing day of water and sun!

Determined not to burn, I piled on the sunblock. I tried to do the same for my husband, who you can tell by the pictures is pretty fair but it didn’t help much. He applied sunscreen once and didn’t ask for help, so he burned in the places that he couldn’t reach. All he had to do was ask! Men.

Why wait in line for another drink when you can just order a 6-pack?

This night we ventured to Playa del Carmen. We ate at Carlos and Charlie’s and that was a lot of fun. Kacie didn’t feel well, so her and Andrew hung out at the resort and ordered room service.

We ventured down 5th street and did a little shopping. I had to make my customary Mexico purchases – Vanilla and a refrigerator magnet. I bet we saw three Subways on our walk. Subways were everywhere in Mexico! And McDonalds and Starbucks, too – just like the good ‘ol USA.

This church was in the middle of 6th street. I had to take a picture because it is so beautiful!

This guys paints himself silver and stands like a statue until someoe puts a tip in the container - then he starts dancing and lets you take a picture with him.

After much searching (and asking many people where it was), we found The Beer Bucket. The Beer Bucket is a small bar owned by radio dj in Dallad, Big Al Mac. It was small but we liked it. Freddy especially liked the $2 Coronas.

After a few hours in Playa, we headed back to the resort and straight to bed. The beds were not very comfortable, but they were more comfortable than the ones at the resort where we stayed last year.


Kendra said...

I didn't know you were going to Mexico! Super fun considering you could be 35 weeks pregnant and hanging out in Keller for the next 5 weeks just waiting.... :)
Have a great time! Let's catch up soon!

SayrahB said...

i don't know him that well, but the picture of hag performing water aerobics made me laugh pretty hard. he obviously forgot that you generally have a camera permanently attached to your face.