Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mexico - Day 1

3 am came really early last Wednesday, but all I had to do was remind myself that I would be in Mexico in a few hours and I was ready to go.
Kacie, Andrew, Rachel and Morgan in the airport. I started taking pictures early!

We arrived at the airport around 4am and our plane left at 6. We were at our resort by…11:00 or so and we were STARVING! Our rooms weren’t going to be ready until 3, so we headed straight for the buffet – in the rain. Yes, rain. It rained the entire afternoon and into the early evening the first day. Problem? Not for our group of guys. They saw this as an opportunity to have the swim-up bar to themselves.

Freddy, Hag and Andrew all alone in the pool.

Let me take a minute to introduce everyone on the trip. There was me and Freddy, of course. Freddy’s best friend from childhood, Morgan and his wife Rachel. Freddy’s friend from college, Andrew and his wife Kacie. Freddy’s college roommate, John Hagaman who I will refer to as Hag from this point forward. Tonya, our former neighbor and her niece and nephew Mandy and TJ.

Mexico was crawling with high school graduates. Most traveled with parents and acted like it was their first time away from home. It was entertaining for this first minute and then ridiculously annoying. I found myself asking…myself if I was ever that immature. Don’t answer that!

Hag and the recent hs grads.

With no beach to visit (because of the rain), we hung out at the lobby bar. The bar that lacked Corona on tap. Are you kidding me?! We were served Modelo in a can because their contract with Corona was up. Dandy.

Superman came to entertain us. He was entertaining for the first five minutes, then he wouldn’t leave us alone. He took pictures with other people, but always promptly returned to us. It took us a while to shake him. In his spare time (or when it’s not raining) Superman also leads yoga on the beach and water aerobics – but he ditches the costume first. That must be his Clark Kent cover-up.

We don't know these grannies, but we think they are fun!

We ended the night with dinner, a walk to the beach and few minutes of some show.

Stay tuned for days 2-5.

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