Saturday, September 24, 2011

I've been published!

I did it. I finally made my blog in to a book.
Well, 2008 anyway.

I used and it was super easy!
The quality of the book is fantastic!

I used the program that auto-formats it for you, but keeps the pictures in the places where you had them in your posts. You can take the time to format the entire book yourself, but this was MUCH easier.

It did however, waste some space on some pages. Not enough for me to spend HOURS formatting it, though.

I love that I will have this forever. I love that Carly will have them ("them" being blog books from every year I blogged) to read, too. It really inspired me to be a better blogger. By that I mean that I want to document more of our lives on the blog. I don't care how many "followers" I have. I do this blog not to entertain people, but rather to document.

And if I happen to capture the hearts of many along the way, so be it.

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