Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Birthday!

I had a fantastic birthday this year!
The day started off with brunch at La Madeline with Lesley, Hudson and Sara. May I recommend their crepes romanoff? They were really yummy.

Unfortunately, Lesley had to take Hudson home for his nap so she wasn't able to join us for pedicures. The salon by my house gives THE BEST pedicures ever! - It's the basic pedicure plus paraffin wax on your feet, a hot rock massage, a hot towel wrap, etc. Sara's sister, Jodie, and Sarah T both met us up there.

After the pedis, Freddy and I went shopping for...My new Calphalon stainless steel pots and pans. You know you are officially grown up when you ask for pots and pans for your birthday!

After the shopping, Freddy and I went to Massage Envy and got back massages - in separate rooms. I've been surveying people about this. I ask them if they would prefer single rooms or a couples room if they were going with their significant other to get massages. While my research isn't complete, I found that most - not all - married couples prefer separate rooms while unmarried couples would prefer the couples room. Give them time, I say. Give them time.

I told Freddy before we went in that all I wanted was to get a non-talking massage therapist. I jinxed myself. I got the new guy, second day on the job, who talked the entire time. I tried to give him small clues that I didn't want to talk - like one-word answers, hmmms, uh-huhs, etc. Yet, somehow he did not catch on and he told me EVERYTHING about himself. The only good thing was that I guess he liked me because he gave me an extra 15 minutes for free!

After massages, we went to dinner - just the two of us. I love going to dinner with my husband! I love spending time with him period. He is an amazing husband, my perfect match. (Awwwwww...)

After dinner, I opted out of dessert and we went home to spend the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch and hanging out with Lola.

What a great birthday!


Lydia said...

That sounds like an awesome birthday! Where did you go to dinner?

*Kendra* said...

Happy B-day! Glad you had a wonderful day!

Andy & Sarah Curtis said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl! I got those same pots and pans for Christmas! You will love them! I had been cooking with Calphalon with teflon; however, apparently they think teflon may cause cancer so I switched. It's an adjustment cooking on stainless steel so let me just say use your non-stick cooking spray or butter or whatever, you're going to need it! Bon Apetite!!!!