Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stroller Savvy

*Before anyone asks (because I know someone will), NO we are NOT pregnant!*

On Sunday I went to Mayfest with Lesley and Hudson (I will post pictures tonight). While I was pushing Hudson in his stroller, I took notice of how AWESOME the stroller was. It was one of those Jeep running strollers with one wheel in the front, but what made this one so great was that the front wheel isn't stationary - it moves and swivels!

Sure, the cup holders could be bigger. Our giant iced teas didn't fit and neither did Hudson's sippy cup, but did I mention that there are speakers (I think) and a place to plug in your ipod?!

I am SO putting this on my baby registry - down, down the road - several, several months from now. Don't forget: we are going to Mexico next month! I am not going anywhere with bikinis and free alcohol while I am pregnant.


SayrahB said...

you better not be pregnant anytime soon! i need time to catch up! lots of time! like getting a date catch up!

Lydia said...

So...just months from now? So does that mean a little Clark could be here next year? Also, my sister-in-law Sarah had that stroller. I think she liked it.