Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding Season has begun

Wedding Season has begun. And I love it. I love weddings! I loved MY wedding! If I could afford it, I would have a wedding every year. Before someone suggests that I leave the world of non-profit events to pursue a career in wedding planning, might I just say that I have already thought about that and no. Not just no, but HECK NO! You could not pay me enough to put up with pissy (putting it mildly) brides and their mothers. Nor could you pay me enough to give up that many weekends a year. No way.

Back to happy wedding talk…Freddy’s high school friend, Clint got married on Saturday to his sweetheart of…6 years?...Kelly. The wedding was beautiful, the reception was a blast. A good time was had by all.

We had two and half hours to kill between the wedding and the reception, so Rachel and I went to the mall where I bought this cute black clutch. This is me making fun of the women who "talk with their clutch" much like one would talk with their hands.

Chay, Morgan and Freddy. Buddies for a long time.

As you can tell, Rachel are already on our third glass of wine in this picture. The entire night carried on in this same way.

We make friends wherever we go. This is a high school friend of our husbands and a new friend of ours - Jessica.

Paul. We liked Paul. Paul was beaten down by us early on in the night. Paul is a published author. When I find his book on Amazon, I will let you know and you should all buy a copy.

Friends. Wherever we go. What did I tell you? Note the disinterest that Paul has in this picture. I told you we beat him down. Okay, mostly I beat him down.

My husband and his best friend, Morgan.

Don't let us fool you. We really love each other.

Awwww....Better you than Chay. Right, Morgan? Please don't shoot me for that comment. It's only a joke.

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