Monday, July 7, 2008

Mexico - Day 3

Sorry for the two week silence. Things have been busy and I have been lazy. Hey, at least I can admit it.

Day three of Mexico - let’s see if I can remember that far back.

Hmm….We slept in (of course) and then went and ate breakfast. I loved their French toast. I think that I had it every morning. What I didn’t have every morning was coffee. I like fancy coffee – cappuccinos, lattés, etc. There was a lady who made these fancy coffees, but the line was always long and I didn’t want to keep the rest of the group waiting so I only got a cappuccino one morning. The next morning I asked for a vanilla latte and got a cup of foamy milk with no coffee in it at all. The other bummer was that this coffee lady wasn’t around in the evenings.

We spent the morning at the beach again. Andrew tried to discreetly take pictures of a topless lady with my camera, but she caught on because she covered herself with a hat in all of the pictures! Ha ha, Andrew!

We road these things called aqua trikes – basically a big tricycle with huge plastic tires that float. Our chain had a skip in it, so I was over it in about two minutes.

You can kinda see the water trike in the background.

Then we headed back to our favorite spot – the pool by the Captain Morgan bar. Before heading to lunch, we went and got henna tattoos. I got a star on my wrist. I liked it in Mexico, but began to feel self-conscious about it at work, so I rubbed it off after a week.

getting my henna tattoo

It was off to the beach to take pictures (again) before dinner. My hair frizzed within two minutes of being outside. Aaaggghhh! I wasn’t too crazy about these pictures regardless, but I do like the scenery. For some reason, I think that Freddy I look cheesy when we “pose” together.

The rest of the night gets boring. We just wanted to relax so Hag, Kacie and Andrew all come to our room and we watched National Treasure II. I said it was boring! But it was nice to just relax for an evening. Morgan and Rachel came, too, but if I remember correctly they left early.

That is it for Mexico Day 3. Stay tuned for days 4 and 5 along with a post about things that I have done since Mexico. That one should be lots of fun! Oh, and I only need one more thing for my Thirty by Thirty list, so I bet that post will be up by the end of the week.

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