Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mexico - Day 4

Day 4 was basically our last day of vacation since day 5 was all traveling, but I think that Day 4 was by far the most fun.

We spent every day before this at the resort (the only exception being the night out in Playa), which was nice and relaxing but it was also fun to get out and explore.

Freddy and I decided that we would do one “excursion” and we would do it together. I had my heart set on visiting the Mayan ruins but I knew that wasn’t high on Freddy’s list – or Morgan’s who made it clear even before we left that he didn’t want to visit a “hole in the side of a mountain”. I know, I know. Please don’t comment that the ruins are not a hole in the side of a mountain because I know.

I found the perfect excursion – zip lines, repelling, snorkeling in a natural, underwater cave, lunch and then an hour and a half at the ruins. PERFECT! Just about everyone signed up for this excursion – me, Freddy, Morgan, Rachel, TJ, Kacie and Andrew. It was so much fun!

The bus ride through the jungle to the site was pretty much a rollercoaster ride. We were in the back of the van, so we were bounced around more than anyone. Had Freddy not guarded his head from the ceiling, he could have easily left there with a concussion.

Was I scared of the zip lines? Heck no! But I did almost get my teeth kicked out when I was taking a picture of Morgan coming in on the zip line.

Freddy on the zip line

Rachel on the zip line. She wore flip-flops, so she had to zip barefoot.

That's me!

Was I scared of the repelling? No, but I was nervous because I had never done it before and I was the one who determined how fast I went down. I opted for going down slowly. Apparently it was too slow because my guide offered to get a machete from his car to help me get down faster. Funny. Very funny.

Kacie repelling

The cave was beautiful (sorry, no pictures of us snorkeling), but it was also the coldest water I have ever been in, the rocks were sharp and hurt my feet and the bats creeped me out, but I still liked it.

Lunch was okay. Off to the ruins!

They were BE-A-UTIFUL! I can’t even describe them, so I will post pictures instead. Even though the pictures turned out really well, I still don’t think that they do the ruins justice.

Freddy decided that these were too small to be houses, so they had to be dog houses.

Where do you think we went after the excursion? You guessed it. Right back to the pool. I think this might have been the day that Hag smacked Freddy in the face with the water polo ball. Or maybe that was the day before.

Anyway…we hung out there for a few hours and then went to get ready for our last night out. We ALL went to dinner together and it was very nice.

Side note: Do you know someone who, no matter where they go, knows someone? That’s me. The last night there, as we are waiting to get in to the restaurant, I hear someone call my name. It was a friend from college. Small world!

After dinner we headed to the disco (that’s what they called it) , but it was closed. So we shopped. Those who were on the vacation know what happened when we shopped, but I promised me husband that I wouldn’t blog about it, so let your imaginations run wild. I will never tell!

Hag picked coconuts on our way back to our hotel. They weren’t ready to be picked, but he picked them none the less. Then the guys tried to smash them open (boys will be boys). When that didn’t work, they asked the bartender to cut it open for them and he did – with a machete I believe, but I could be wrong. Had and Andrew tasted the milk, but neither one liked it. Can’t say as though I would have either.

Poor Freddy. He dropped his drink.

A few more pictures and we were off to bed so that we could rise early the next morning and head back to Texas. More about the trip home later.

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Andy & Sarah Curtis said...

What a fun excursion! I think I saw those same ruins when I was 9 but I would love to go back now! How neat! We just got back from Cabo and they had a zip line but it was over the desert, I don't think it would have been near as fun as this!