Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sesame Place

Last night I watched a new episode of my favorite show - Jon and Kate plus 8. For those of you who don't watch , it's a show that follows a family with twin girls and sextuplets in their day-to day-lives. I LOVE IT!
Anyway...in last night's episode, they took the kids to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. It's a children's theme park with a Sesame Street theme. Does anyone remember the Sesame Place that used to be in Irving? I went when I was 5, maybe 6, and here is the picture to prove it.

That's me and my brother in Oscar the Grouch's trash can. No, we are NOT naked. It was also a water park and we are in our swim suits. My sister is in the can next to us, and that is my dad with the crazy hair and my grandmother holding my sister's favorite stuffed toy, "RRRRRRabbit!". I don't know those poorly dressed kids on the steps but I am almost certain that I owned jellies identical to those that the girl is wearing.
I searched the Internet for pictures of the old park, but couldn't find any. I did better. I found an Oakridge Boys video that was taped there. The song is called Thank God for kids. I watched it without sound and it was bearable. If you want to get a feel for what the park looked like, check it out.
(sorry, embedding this video was not allowed)
Top three creepy things about this video:
1. The guy with the knee-length beard who jumps at the kids near the beginning.
2. The guy who hides behind the Mickey Mouse face and then pops out at the kids. What is Mickey Mouse doing at Sesame Place anyway?
3. The guy who sets the boy's head down on his lap and strokes his hair.


Lydia said...

I have many pictures and memories from Sesame Place. I absolutely loved it. I wonder why they closed it down? It was awesome.

Cheryl said...

Did you watch the video? That's the best part. You should post your pictures of Sesame Place. I remember I had a Sesame Place coin purse for the longest time. Aww...memories.

MELANIE said...

You are hilarious. Cracking up out loud right now!!! ;)

*Kendra* said...

I watched the video...disturbing! I think those guys look too scary to be around kids! I do remember going there as a kid. Fun place!!